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New Traders


With over 200 traders participating in the Rosebank Sunday Market, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Anything from vintage fashion through to the most delectable and delicious dishes from around the world. A multitude of cultures styles and flavors all thrown into a melting pot.PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT TAKE ANY AFRICAN PRODUCTS,JEWELRY OR BAGS IN AT THE MOMENT AS WE HAVE TO MANY AT THE MARKET ALREADY.

Become a Trader

Our market has a long history and because people are already familiar with the Rosebank Mall and regular markets, you benefit from the existing clientele. In addition, we market extensively offline and online to ensure that you will get the visitors that you need for optimal sales.

People like to shop at a market that offers exceptional variety and entertainment. We offer live entertainment, loads of fun for the kids, have vendors that sell handcrafted goods, antiques, everyday modern items, clothing, accessories, jewellery and almost anything else that you can think of. The market also features food and beverage stalls, and we host monthly special events.

All of the above leads to our reputation as a market for the family, packed with bargains and the place to be every weekend.

The cost of a general stall is R495.00 and one table is R360.00. All other fees are available on request.

So fill in the form below to get in on the action or call us on 072 243-8582 / 076 731-0090!